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Praise for The Blue Buccaneer


“I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to mystery fans.
The clear and unpretentious writing style of the author makes for easy reading as well as enhancing the fast-moving plot
The main character, Manoj, is the intelligent “detective”, who with his patience and astute observations is capable of finding out exactly who stole the famous blue diamond, called the Blue Buccaneer. I found him to be a sort of Hercule Poirot for his precise and intuitive method of investigating.
The author added a bit of wit to this character’s dialogues and this presented him with a more personal touch.
The information regarding the precious Indian treasures that are housed in the museum was an added advantage for the reader to learn about India’s vast artistic and archaeological history.”
Elaine Bertolotti author of Florence and Me

“I was intrigued right from the start by the Blue Buccaneer… It hooked me in right from the start and I found myself eagerly turning the pages. Subhajit Ganguly painted a perfect picture of India with just the right amount of history thrown in.
What does red paint splayed upon ancient statues, murders, and a stolen diamond all add up to? A museum mystery that only detective Manoj can solve with his quick wit and flawless investigative skills. A fast-paced read for mystery lovers of all ages with enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat.”
Connie Lafortune–Author of Because of You

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